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  • Strategies for Caring for Your Area Rug

    Area rugs make perfect additions to many rooms. When you purchase a new area rug for your home , this addition will protect your flooring while also enhancing your room with color and style. Over the months and years, your area rug may experience considerable foot traffic from your friends and family. Additionally, area rugs […]

  • How an Area Rug Can Change Your Space

    Whether your home has vinyl flooring or rich carpets, you may want to consider accentuating your flooring installation with an area rug. Area rugs can provide a beautiful pop of color for a room, and can also be used to tie your furnishings and decorations together. When you are shopping for area rugs in Westchester […]

  • How to Select the Right Area Rug

    If you’re looking for a new area rug in Mt. Vernon , you may want some tips on how to choose the right one for your home. An area rug can seamlessly integrate all of the details of your home décor, creating a cohesive aesthetic. When choosing an area rug, you’ll want to consider your […]