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Reasons to Choose Carpet in Mt. Vernon

Carpeting remains one of the most popular and appealing flooring choices in America. Whether you’re looking to install a plush, luxury carpet in your bedroom or simply want a functional and stain-resistant carpet for your living room, Redi-Cuts Carpets & Window Treatments has the right flooring product for you. We are pleased to offer new flooring financing, in-home measurements, professional installation, and shop-at-home options for carpets, rugs, vinyl, and hardwood floors near Mt. Vernon.

Carpet: A Green Flooring Choice

Modern flooring trends have been driven by a desire for greener, more eco-friendly floors. Today, green carpeting can enhance the look and feel of your home while minimizing the environmental impact of your new flooring.

  • Natural fibers such as wool and sisal offer amazing durability and comfort. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to moisture, mold, and stains, meaning your carpets will last longer and look better with less work throughout their lifetime.
  • Carpets made from a percentage of recycled materials also reduce the environmental impact of your flooring choice. These materials are often highly stain-resistant without the need for chemical treatment. PET-based carpets are made from recycled plastics; these carpets are well known for their colorfastness and resistance to UV fading.
  • Many types of carpet are recyclable, meaning they can be used in new products or for different applications after they are removed from your home. Talk to your flooring installer about your recycling options for your old flooring and your new carpets, should you ever decide to replace them.
  • Carpets today are designed to emit lower levels of VOCs than ever before, reducing your family’s exposure to chemicals and eliminating that “new carpet” smell for greater comfort and health as soon as your new floors are installed.

Choose Carpet for its Versatility

Why should you choose carpet as your next flooring solution? Whether you own a home or a commercial property, carpet can be the best choice when it comes to looks, feel, and function.

  • Carpet is available in an endless array of textures, patterns, and colors. There is no flooring option that is more versatile for a completely customized home or office.
  • When placed over a cold substrate, carpets offer insulating properties that can lower energy costs while providing added comfort underfoot.
  • Carpeting has a sound-absorbing effect, reducing excess noise for a quieter, more comfortable indoor environment, whether installed in a busy home or a professional office setting.

Redi-Cuts Carpets & Window Treatments carries a wide selection of carpets and other flooring options at our Mt. Vernon flooring showroom and warehouse. You can reach us today by calling (914) 699-9589 to explore your modern and budget-friendly flooring options.

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