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Vinyl Floors in Mt. Vernon

Vinyl Floor Care & Installation in Weschester County

Vinyl flooring has been a popular flooring choice in residential and commercial properties for decades. Modern vinyl flooring is resilient, durable, and versatile, offering any look you want for your home or business at a price you’ll love. At Redi-Cuts Carpets & Window Treatments, our flooring specialists can help you select the right type of floor for your needs, including vinyl flooring, wood flooring, laminate flooring, and carpet in Mt. Vernon.

Vinyl Floor Care Tips

Vinyl is one of the most durable and low-maintenance flooring options available. Taking a few extra steps to protect your vinyl will improve upon these benefits for a long-lasting, great-looking floor.

  • Vinyl flooring is most susceptible to moisture and ground-in dirt or chemical residue from the outdoors. The easiest way to protect your floor is to place mats on both sides of your exterior doors and encourage friends and family to remove their shoes when entering your home.
  • Heavy furniture can leave indentations in vinyl flooring over time. Place floor protectors or area rugs under heavier pieces to prevent damage. When moving furniture, always lift it or place a piece of plywood on your floor first to prevent scratches.
  • Cleaning your floor with the right products and techniques is the key to keeping it in great shape. Avoid using too much water on your floor and never wax your vinyl. If your floor appears dull, purchase a product designed specifically for use on a no-wax floor.

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest and fastest flooring options to install. When you opt for vinyl floor installation near Mt. Vernon, you can begin enjoying your new floor quickly and with no effort at all. Please call Redi-Cuts Carpets & Window Treatments at (914) 699-9589 for more information about our flooring and installation options.

  • Prior to flooring installation, move all furniture out of the room so your installer has unhindered access to all areas of your floor.
  • Some preparation may be necessary prior to installation. Vinyl flooring can often be installed right over your old flooring, but a substrate, or additional layer beneath the vinyl, may be needed first. If you’re installing vinyl over concrete, your flooring installer may test for moisture before laying your floor.
  • During installation, your flooring expert will cut your vinyl to fit the size and shape of your room. It’s a good idea to keep a few extra pieces in case they are needed to repair your floor in the future.
  • Avoid walking on vinyl flooring for 24 hours after it is installed. You can replace appliances and furniture within 24-72 hours after installation, depending on your installer’s instructions.

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