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Fantastic Carpet Sales and Installations

Do you want to install new carpet in your home? With a warehouse stocked with more than 500 rolls of carpet, we can help you find the perfect fit for your home. Our carpets at Redi-Cut Carpets & Window Treatments are created by leading design professionals who understand color, patterns and trends.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, visit our location in Westchester County first. We offer a diverse range of high-quality carpets, area rugs, hardwood flooring, and more. We have something for every budget and style – you won’t have to go anywhere else. Ready to get started? Speak with our carpet professionals today by calling 914-699-9589!

Carpet Installation Services in Westchester County

Not only do we offer you a seemingly endless number of options when it comes to carpet choices, but we offer affordable carpet installation services as well. We have the right carpet style for you, whether your setting is formal or informal, quiet or high-traffic, an empty nest or full of kids. After you select your carpet, we will provide:

● Professional on-site measurement

● Removal of old flooring

● Skilled installation

It’s our all-in-one carpet installation service. There’s no need to struggle with carpet measurements, tearing up old flooring or making mistakes that just cost you money.

Whether you need to lay carpet on a straightforward floor plan or your flooring has unique nooks and crannies or curving stairwells, our carpet professionals will make your carpet look great!

Carpet Care and Expert Advice

Our experienced team can also provide you with proper care and maintenance tips so you can get the longest life out of your new carpet. We can be there for you every step of the way during your carpet selection and installation. We’ve assembled some pro tips when it comes to caring for your carpet. If you have any specific questions you need answering, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

One of the best ways to prevent dirt from getting onto your brand new carpet is to place doormats at all of the entrances to your home or business. This will trap any dirt or moisture coming from outside and greatly reduces the chance of dirt being spread throughout your home or office and into the carpet fibers.

Secondly, you’ll want to vacuum regularly (two to three times per week) to get rid of any dirt, dust, and other creatures trying to hide in your carpet. When it comes to spills, it’s always best to act fast. NEVER rub the carpet when a spill happens. You want to utilize the blot method. Use a white, clean cloth or kitchen paper to blot the spill and work from the outside in to avoid spreading.

Finally, you’ll want to maintain your carpet by rotating furniture regularly to avoid wear in high-traffic areas and use furniture cups to avoid indentations.

Do you have further questions about caring for your carpet? You can rest assured our team will help you find and maintain the ideal carpet for your home, call 914-699-9589 today.

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At Redi-Cut Carpets & Window Treatments, you’ll find the best selection of carpets in Westchester County. Our extensive warehouse is packed full of the leading carpet brands. If you’d like to start browsing now, simply click on one of the quality carpet brands below.



Shaw Contract



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● Quick Step


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If you find something you love for your home or business, simply contact us today. We have regular carpet sales and offer professional carpet installation!

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