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  • What Are the Benefits of Carpet?

    Are you preparing to replace the flooring in your home? Having carpets in Mt. Vernon comes with many advantages. This type of flooring can provide beautiful aesthetics while also being comfortable and improving home safety for people of all ages. Keep reading to take a closer look at the benefits of carpets. Aesthetics Carpets allow […]

  • Read reviews from our customers on Home Advisor!

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our fantastic reviews are a testament to that. Check out our page on Home Advisor to read reviews from our customers! “The level of service was excellent and the installers did a great job. The room looks better than ever!” -Barbara M.

  • Choosing Vinyl for Your Kitchen Floors

    If you are shopping for the perfect flooring solution for your kitchen , you may want to choose vinyl flooring. This type of flooring surface is highly resilient, and can be easily matched to the color and style of your kitchen. You will have several factors to consider when you are choosing vinyl flooring for […]

  • Choosing the Right Type of Carpet for Your House

    Carpeting is a great choice for your home flooring needs. After you install new carpets in your house , you will enjoy an inviting flooring surface. When you visit a company that offers high-quality carpets in Westchester County, you will have a variety of carpet styles to choose from. If you select new carpeting that […]

  • Decorating Your Home with Gray Carpet

    Gray carpet is a versatile choice that goes well with nearly any color and furniture combination. When you install gray carpets in your home, you will create a neutral base for your furnishings. To learn more about how to decorate your home with gray carpet, watch this video clip. When adding gray carpeting to your […]