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Going Green with Carpeting

If your home needs new flooring in Mt. Vernon , you should consider choosing carpet over other home flooring options. Carpet is one of the most eco-friendly flooring choices, due to how it is manufactured and what products you can use to clean it. Here are some of the environmental benefits of carpet flooring.

Most carpeting is made of natural materials, such as wool, cotton, and sisal. Flooring that is made of synthetic, man-made materials uses valuable environmental resources, and cause pollutants during the manufacturing process. You can also find carpets that are made of recycled materials, like recycled plastics. These carpets are naturally stain-resistant, eliminating the need for using harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process. Recycled carpets also decrease the demand for the production of new materials, which conserves energy and environmental resources.

Carpets that are manufactured today are created in such a way that they emit very low levels of VOCs than most other flooring options. This significantly limits your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals. There is also a wide range of green and all-natural carpet cleaning products available now that allow you to care for and maintain the beauty of your carpet using eco-friendly products. Choosing Eco-Friendly Carpets in Westchester