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Spotlight on Carpet Color Options

Carpets are available in an extremely wide range of different colors. This makes it easy to choose carpet in a shade which will enhance your home décor. You can select a carpet for your floor which matches the color of your furniture or curtains, or choose a contrasting shade. You should be aware that the color may appear different under different lighting conditions. When you go shopping for carpets in Mt. Vernon , ask an associate to help you select the carpet that will best suit your individual needs.

Carpet Color Options | Mt. VernonA carpet in a neutral color is a versatile choice which will complement most color schemes. New dirt-resistant technology has made lighter carpets a more practical choice for many homeowners. A pale neutral, such as beige, can make a room appear larger. In addition, lighter shades can give a space a calm and restful appearance.

Alternatively, you can choose a bright or bold color to make a powerful design statement. You can match the shade of your carpet to an accent color in your décor for a striking look. Darker carpets can also make a room seem more welcoming and cozy.