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Tips for Cleaning Your Vinyl Floors

Tips for Cleaning Your Vinyl Floors by Redi-Cut Carpets If you are used to area rugs or carpet flooring in Westchester County , you may not know exactly how to clean your vinyl flooring. Maintenance for this type of flooring is much different than maintenance for carpets. Keep reading for a few tips on cleaning your vinyl floors.

When it comes to cleaning your vinyl floors, you should use mild cleaners in order to keep your floor in decent shape. Make sure you tend to spills as soon as they occur, and give your floor a quick sweep every day. If you spill hairspray on your vinyl floor, clean it with shampoo. If you are using a mop to clean your floor, be sure to remove any excess moisture when you are done so that it does not end up in the cracks and edges of the floor. If you keep heavy furniture on your vinyl floors, consider using protectors that you can place on the bottom of their feet. You can also protect your floors by strategically placing mats near doors where dirt tends to be tracked.