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Tips for Choosing New Carpet

Carpet is the foundation for comfort, style, and warmth in your home. When the time comes to update your flooring, you should shop around until you find a carpet that really meets all of your needs. Use the following tips to choose a floor that enhances your life at home:

Baby playing on carpet

Pay Attention to the Padding

Padding has a huge effect on the feel and the durability of your new carpet. Quality padding is what makes the carpet strong and comfortable to walk across. You should invest in carpet with good padding to ensure that it can grace your floors for many years. If you are searching for carpet for areas that see a lot of traffic, you should get styles with firmer, denser padding.

Find Your Style

You can find carpets in a huge variety of styles to meet your design needs. Saxony carpets are plush but do show signs of wear, which means you should reserve them for more formal rooms that do not see a lot of traffic. Frieze carpets have a twisted appearance that gives them enough texture to hide footprints and vacuum marks. You can use this style in high-traffic areas and still enjoy their original appearance. Berber carpets use a combination of loop, cut-and-loop, and multi-level loop designs to create a stylish and durable carpet that is perfect for any room.

Think About Color and Pattern

Your carpet should complement and enhance the rest of your interior design. Decide whether you want to use a neutral color or a more lively hue that adds a lot to your overall interior design. Carpets with patterns can also add depth and texture to your space as well as hide evidence of stains.

All of these factors come together to bring you stylish and functional carpets in Westchester County. When you can choose a style that optimizes the look and feel of your home, it will tie the rest of your interior design together beautifully.