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Signs You’re Ready for New Carpets

Carpets provide a luxurious and cozy surface for the flooring in your home. Whether you have carpets throughout your household, or in key rooms and areas, chances are that your carpets and rugs will receive heavy foot traffic over the months and years. To provide your home with a fresh new look and feel, you may want to consider installing new Mohawk carpet near Westchester County . With a brand new carpet installation, you will improve the appearance of your floors, while providing your home with a durable new flooring surface. Here is a look at the top signs that you are ready for new carpets. carpet installation

Excessive Carpet Stains

When you notice that many of your carpet’s surfaces are covered in stains, it may be time to consider a replacement. Substances such as red wine, soda, mud, and food can all create lasting stains when they are spilled on the surface of your carpet. If carpet stain removal has failed to eliminate your carpet stains, it is time to visit the carpet showroom.

Visible Wear and Tear

As you are determining whether it is time to install new carpets in your home, you may want to look at the physical condition of your flooring. Along with checking for visible stains, you also look for signs of visible wear and tear. If you find that your carpet has rips, tears, or loose fibers, it may be time to contact your carpet installation professional to schedule a replacement.

Bad Pet Odors

If you are a pet owner, chances are that your furry friend may have had an accident on your carpet at one point or another. Pet stains can leave lasting enzymes deep within your carpet pad, and these enzymes can create unpleasant odors that will last for many years to come. In the event that you notice that your carpets have bad odors, you should be sure to visit a carpet showroom in your local area.