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What Are the Different Types of Carpeting?

There are several factors to consider when choosing carpets in Westchester County. Carpets are available in a range of different materials and styles. They can be made from synthetic fibers or wool. Synthetic materials are tougher and more economical, while wool has a softer feel and a more classic look. Carpets are also classified by the way in which their fibers are woven. A carpet’s weave affects its look, feel, durability, and price. Berber, cut pile, plush, and friezé are four of the most popular options.

Berber carpet , also called loop pile, consists of even loops of fabric which create an informal appearance. Its sturdiness makes Berber an ideal choice for busy areas of the home. There are also multi-level loop and cut-and-loop varieties of Berber carpets. These are more casual in style. Cut-and-loop Berber carpets are densely textured, which makes them ideal for concealing any mess. They often incorporate chevrons, squares, and other embedded shapes.

Different Types of Carpeting at Redi-Cut Carpets Cut Pile
Cut pile is one of the most widely-used styles of carpet. This carpet style consists of twisted tufts of yarn. The type of fiber used, together with the density and level of twist, determines the carpet’s appearance and durability.

Also known as velvet carpet, plush carpet is elegant and stylish. It works well in formal settings, as it provides a smooth, beautiful appearance. It also feels luxuriously soft underfoot. However, it is more difficult to maintain in good condition, as any marks will be difficult to hide. Textured plush is a more casual option. Its textured surface helps to conceal imperfections, making it suitable for use throughout the home.

Friezé carpeting has a curly, densely-textured look. Less formal in appearance than other options, its texture camouflages dust and helps to conceal track marks from vacuum cleaners. Friezé is a popular choice for floors in all rooms of the home.