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Choosing the Right Type of Carpet for Your Home

There is simply nothing like the comfort of slipping your bare feet into a soft, luxurious carpet. If you are deciding between different types of carpets in Westchester County , let the following information help you find the right option for your home.

Selecting Right Type of Carpet in Westchester


Installing wall-to-wall carpet can transform a room, so it’s important that the carpet fits your style. First, consider color—neutral colors are most popular, as they complement virtually any colors in furniture, wall paint, and artwork. However, if the room feels bland or sterile, a bold carpet color can add style and vibrancy. Darker carpet shades tend to make a room feel cozier and warmer, while lighter shades can brighten a space and expand the perceived size of the room.


Carpet texture is defined by the height and cut of the carpet’s fibers. Shaggy, twisted fibers create a modern and informal look, while smooth and even fibers are generally more formal. If you find several carpet options with different textures that interest you, take samples home to help you decide on your favorite.


Unlike wood flooring, carpet is soft enough to let you lie down comfortably. Cut-pile carpets, plush carpets, and carpets made from wool are the softest options. However, don’t look at comfort simply in terms of softness; many carpets contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which contribute to poor indoor air quality. VOCs can worsen asthma attacks and allergy symptoms, so consider buying carpet made of natural products such as wool and jute, as well as organic carpets produced with chemical-free dyes.


Because they do not have open ends, loop-pile carpets are less likely to pull and shed than other options. This makes them highly durable. In addition, nylon, Olefin, and wool are generally more durable than other materials, like polyester and acrylic.